Welcome to Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church

Welcome to Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worship With Us!
Sunday worship service is 10:00 - 11:00 am.
Children's (K-6) Sunday school occurs during church service from 10:15 - 11:15 am.

Please check our Facebook page for additional activities and events! 

This map will help you locate us. We are located on North Territorial just west of Dexter-Pinckney road.
Thanks for visiting.  Please let us get to know you, and come back soon.  If you have any questions about what you've seen during your visit or would like to know more about us, drop us a note at contact@faithdexter.org or give us call at
734-426-4302.  Thanks again!
Today's Devotion - Audio

» Celebrate Being Debt Free – March 23, 2019
Imagine finding out that someone had paid off all your financial debt...

Forward in Christ Magazine

Discover who you are
University study encourages you to explore and discover. Parents need to be a part of that process too.  Hannah White  My third year of college has given me a perspective on university study and parents. I am currently living at home and commuting every day to school. That means I am able to see my parents on a regular basis. I’ve seen and lived both worlds, though, because I lived Continued.


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