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Photo Galleries
Under Construction - 2005-2006
A few photos of the new Narthex under construction.

Vacation Bible School - 2008
On the evening of Tuesday, August 12th, 14 children ages seven to 12 and five adults participated in Faith Lutheran Church's VBS Fossil Night.  For the first hour, Pastor Porinsky played a few songs on his guitar, and talked about fossils and the Bible accounts of Creation and the Flood.  The second hour was spent hunting fossils and geodes; Pastor Porinsky had buried 600-800 of them in two yards of sand that were delivered to the southwest corner of Faith's education building.  All 14 children left with their buckets and bags full of rocks; some could hardly be torn away from the fossil area.  Cookies and juice were then served, two more songs were sung, and the evening ended.

Easter 2009
A few photos from Easter service and breakfast.