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About Us


About Faith Lutheran Church

We began at the northeast corner of 5th and Broad Streets in Dexter Village in 1944 with the purchase of an old Baptist church building, moved to Baker Road in late 1956, and to our current location on North Territorial Road, 1/3 mile west of Dexter-Pinckney Road, in 1972.  In 2006 we completed a major addition and renovation of our church building.    


From 1973-1994 our congregation ran a Lutheran Elementary School for grades K-8.  The building, located just behind our church building, still serves us well for Sunday School, as a work area for church projects, and now houses the pastor's office. 

In the first 26 years of our history we had seven resident pastors and numerous vacancy pastors; then Pastor John Huebner served from 1970-1978, and Pastor Porinsky has been with us from mid-1978 to the present. 


Originally many of our members came from agricultural backgrounds.  Today many work in Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Saline, or in the suburbs of Detroit .  Our members can relate to people with hectic lives and long commutes, because many of us are in the same position. 

We currently have about 200 members; only 32 of them are age 14 and under, but of those, 16 are age 3 and under.  We've been very blessed with babies recently.  We are currently investigating improving and expanding our ministry to young children and their parents.


Our members and congregation are not affluent, but we've been quite blessed financially.  Our congregation is large enough to offer some activities and fellowship opportunities, and small enough so that an active member can easily get to know everyone.  New members can become very influential and productive in a very short time. 


Perhaps our most popular activity for the past 6 years is our annual Christmas Play, written by us, and involving about ¼ of our members for two solid months.

Our community also knows us from the paid editorial ads we have been submitting to the local newspapers, the Dexter Leader and Chelsea Standard, weekly from late 1998 through the end of 2003, and less frequently for three years after that.  Recently our pastor has had the privilege of writing articles for a column that the new editor has initiated, "Ministerial MessageĀ".  We have also been represented by a booth at Dexter Daze in August.

Our emphasis is on God's Word and Sacraments, from our Sunday School to our 3-year Confirmation program for children in grades 6 through 8 or 9, taught by our Pastor; from the Sunday service, which is liturgical and traditional and includes a sermon explaining and applying a portion of the Bible, to our weekly women's Bible study and our other Bible classes. 

Faith Lutheran Church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  We hope you will join us to hear and share in God's word!